Most of us live a fast-paced life, missing out the beauty while barely creating the time to understand and accept who we are. With the mindfulness practice, we learn to be in the present moment.

Our homes also tell a lot about ourselves. It doesn’t only tell us about our decoration styles, tastes, it actually mirrors our lives. Whatever we are experiencing in our lives is somehow projected in our living spaces. Understanding our spaces will give us a different perspective to look at ourselves in depth and will help us cure our issues.

Mindfulness is not about fixing ourselves or anything that is happening to us, it’s simply being aware of the present moment, with our thoughts, emotions, and sensations with loving-kindness, non-judgment, acceptance to our lives. When we are engaged at the present moment, we welcome a more fulfilled life and are able to deal with life’s ups and downs with useful tools.

Feng Shui, the art of balancing the energies in the living spaces, is the best practice to analyze our living spaces, determine our issues and cure them. As we are connected to everyone and everything, any change in our spaces will shift our energy and open us to new opportunities in life. Through Feng Shui, we are creating harmony and balance in externally to have the same impact internally.

We are all walking on our own paths and looking to find our inner callings and live a fulfilled life realizing our purpose.

I believe whichever path we choose, we are all a piece of the big puzzle and are connected to each other. Even if one of us can connect to his/her inner calling and transform, we can carry humanity one step further.

With much love,