Feng Shui Consultation For Your Home 

Feng Shui Consultancy at your home. During home consultations, I will determine the blockages you are experiencing and give you tools to cure them both in your homes and in your lives.

Feng Shui Consultation For Your Office

Feng Shui Consultancy for your business. With Feng Shui consultation, you can attract more customers, opportunities and profit.

Long Distance Consultation

You do not need to live near me to have a Feng Shui consultation. With the help technology, we can help you even from distance. Using applications such as skype, facetime, email, video files and photo files, I am able to help you. Please call to schedule an appointment.


Everything is about change. We all create what we think, without being aware. If we have fears, we create situations to experience our fears. We are all programmed to think the negative, the lack. Yet we are discovering the real path to living, it is through change.  It is not very easy to go through this change alone. Lets work together to reveal your best.


If you are looking to get more our of life with friends and family, why not organize an event with a topic you would be interested in. Some popular topics are Life and Feng Shui, Clutter, Positive Living, Introduction to Kabbalah, Self Help. Please call to schedule an appointment.




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