Welcome to my healing page.

You are searching for something like many of us out there. Maybe you feel out of your path, distant from your inner self, maybe you feel broken, maybe you need more love, and money in your life or maybe you feel blocked and have difficulty to move forward in life… Whatever the reason, welcome and just know that you are not alone in your quest.

We all have our share in life, the good and the bad. With this comes the ‘ups and downs’ and we find ourselves with tremendous joy when things go our way but feel gloomy when life doesn’t offer us what we want.

We live in a time of opportunities. . Sometimes I wonder, if the opportunities are too many to hold on to what we have in our hands There is always another lover, another job, another place to live as long as we don’t have to go through hardship. Running away seems to be easier than accepting what we have and fighting for it.

Healing comes in many layers to us. Acceptance is definitely the biggest step in healing. Accepting where we are at this moment in our lives, and then looking for ways to move ahead.

Mindfulness blended with Kabbalah insights and Feng Shui is a great combination that we offer to those who need healing. While we delve into the person’s inner world with Mindfulness and help her/him cope in life, we also work to balance their outer world by analyzing the home.

Mindfulness is not about fixing ourselves or anything that is happening to us, it’s simply being aware of the present moment, with our thoughts, emotions, and sensations. It is this act of presence, forgiveness and acceptance of the moment that has a profound affect in our souls and opens the doors for healing.

While working with our inner selves, we explore the space the person lives through Feng Shui. Our homes tell a lot about us. It actually mirrors our lives. Whatever we are experiencing in our lives is somehow projected in our living spaces. Understanding our spaces will give us a different perspective to look at ourselves in depth and will help us cure our issues.

We are all walking on our own paths and looking to connect with our true-self and find our purpose in life.

I believe whichever path we choose, we will be okay. We are all a piece of the big puzzle and are connected to each other. Even if one of us can connect to his/her inner calling and transform, we can carry humanity one step further. One person at a time, one step at a time.

With much love,


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