Free Yourself

I decided to step away from my victim identity.

I know that most of you, just like me, chose to be a victim in life, blaming others and life when we encountered a chaotic situation and found ourselves with an outcome we didn’t like.

Although we knew the damage of victimizing ourselves, we still chose to do so, always putting the blame on others or life. For whatever reason, it’s very hard for us to shake off from that role.

On the other hand, we are very happy when life treats us well, and when things go smooth. At those moments we have high energy, get along with almost everyone, and are grateful to the Universe.

The moment we experience an issue that we don’t like, our energy falls from high to very low levels, our positivity hides behind our negativity and our good connection with the Universe turns into questions like, “Really G-d? Why me? Why now?”

We aren’t able to stand still and stay positive when we get a traffic ticket from a very grumpy policeman or when we lose money or find our loved ones lied to us. Most of the time we immediately fall into our misery and create a beautiful victim of ourselves, expecting others to pity us. While we are in this mode, how can anyone expect us still to be grateful to G-d? That second, our relationship with the Universe changes into blame and we totally disconnect.

It’s incredible why we keep on doing the same thing and falling into our agony. Maybe we just don’t realize that we are choosing to be a victim. Perhaps it feels safe to be in that state since taking responsibility might end up with a change and it scares us.

We all know that neither being a victim nor others feeling for us will ever help us to better the scenario we are going through.
Don’t you think it’s time for all of us to shake off from our victim role and take responsibility of our lives?

If you agree, please always remember that we are a part of a bigger plan and we are all perfect. We come to life with a correction and until that correction is realized, we will create scenarios in our lives that push us to our limits. Those limits are the points where we feel victimized; and it blocks us to make any corrections. Furthermore our energy sends messages to the Universe, saying that the correction is not completed, send a similar one.

If we want a smoother life, it’s time to step aside form our misery.

The first step is to wake up from our sleep, acknowledging and accepting our chaos.

The second step is instead of blaming G-d and others, asking our selves, why am I living this and what’s the message Universe is trying to give me.

And the third step is to be open to changes.

Being kind and grateful are the most important tools that help us with the process. Once we take responsibility and be open to changes, everything around us will start shifting. Even the policeman that stops us for a ticket will smile and will either give us a warning or the case will drop at the traffic court.

Life is just beyond amazing when we get out of our victim mode.