I remember having questions like “why am I here; what is life; who am I” when I was around 8 years old. By the age of 12, I knew there was so much more than what we see physically in life.

That was my starting point. From there I followed my heart to study with hidden teachers, healers that never needed certifications in their lives. I learned mostly from these amazing, giving, spiritual people.

Eventually, my search brought me to Kabbalah and Feng Shui. I was asked to give a lecture about the Basics of Kabbalah in my early twenties. The moment I started reading about the subject, I knew, this is what my soul yearned for. Ever since I have been studying with different teachers, teaching and giving lectures.

And then in my late twenties, I was introduced to Feng Shui and that lead me to an incredible path.  Helping people cure and change their lives with Feng Shui is always magical.

I studied Feng Shui, one on one with Odette Nash while she was in Istanbul and then trained further with Michelle Luogo after moved to Miami. I also carry Life Coach and Kids’ Yoga certifications.

When we are teaching, coaching, doing consultations, we need to continue growing. That’s why the learning process for people like me, can never end.

This is the balance of receiving and giving – yin and yang.

With love,




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