I have always known that there was more to life then what we see, feel, hear, touch and smell. Questions such as ‘why are we here’ “who am I” ‘what is life’ appeared in my life when I was probably 10 years old. With a soul that wants to show me the unseen, I was only fourteen years old when I encountered my first spiritual books that were about out of body experiences and astral travel  And thus started my quest into the unseen.

My journey has brought me to highly connected people and I had the privilege to have worked with them. I hereby would like to thank all my teachers that have touched my life and prepared me to my next level. Thank you Yasemin, Irma, Odette, Shlomo, Michelle, all my other physical and non-phsyical teachers , authors that have guided me.

As a Light Worker, I am honored to be a puzzle piece of the Light,  guiding those who are looking to have a change in their lives.

I am certified in Life Coaching, Feng Shui Mastery and a current trainee of Family Constellation Approach.  I have been around doing consultations since 2002.

I am  here to guide you in your quest and I hope, my blog, both in English and Turkish will have an impact in your soul to create a movement towards transformation.

Always with love and light,

Eda Birol



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