Blessings and Shortcomings

We often find ourselves living the same life scenarios.

Sometimes we take the challenges so hard that we react immediately and fall into the victim mode; while sometimes we are not even slightly affected by the same challenge.

One word may push our buttons to make us utterly depressed and at another time the same word said by the same person will be our joke material.

Have you ever thought why? Why would we react different to the same challenges? Logically if something hurts me, it will hurt me no matter what.

There is a good explanation for all of this.

When we are not happy, we will be negative. We will get mad at everything; from the traffic lights, to our shoes’ laces; all will bother us. We will start arguing and fighting with ourselves, with people around us and eventually with life. This state of mind will then put us in darkness and depression.

Luckily, today we have all the self-help materials and many methods to overcome our negativities at our disposal. When we find ourselves angry, we try pausing, breathing ten times or pushing ourselves to see the ‘oneness’ in the other person; these are absolutely amazing tools to work with, however we need to go deeper to understand why we are experiencing these situations continuously.

When we are happy, we barely notice anything negative around us, even if we face the same annoying situations and go through the same scenarios that made us angry before, this time nothing will affect us. Furthermore since happiness creates trust and connects us to our souls and life, we will feel that unity between everyone and everything around us.

Most of us believe that happiness will come as a result of something. If such and such happens, then I will be happy. When I have more money, when I get married, when I have kids, when I graduate, when he calls me, when she loves me, I will be happy. All of our wishes may manifest in our lives or we can find ourselves in a totally different place in life, far away from our desires. Should that be an excuse not to be happy anymore? And if we do end up living our dreams, we might end up having a totally unexpected challenge, then should we stop being happy, until that challenge is resolved?

When one thing doesn’t go as we wish, we concentrate only on that aspect but that lack is only 1 % of our lives. – We treat the lack as if everything depends on it and ignore our blessings that make up the 99% of our lives.

We are blessed with so many things in life. Everyday is a different day then the previous one that has its own blessings with its differences and with each day we are given the opportunity to change and connect to life and be happy.

Life is indeed a gift. As much as we have the power to change the negative to positive, we also have the power to change the positive to negative that will put us in darkness.

This is a choice. We will attract whatever we concentrate on. Let’s not concentrate on our lacks as if they are all that we have. Let’s maintain a state of being so that while facing difficulties, we will be grateful to all other things existing in our lives which will give us full energy to rise above the challenge to solve it in a magical way.

Focusing to our blessings will make us happy and we will connect to our souls, the Universe and our Creator. When we are connected, we will be filled with pure joy and that is the core and mission of our lives.