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Feng Shui Your ​Kid’s Room

Kids sense the energy around them. A good Feng Shui in their room will nourish them, whereas a bad one will make them uncomfortable and resistant to life.

During one of my consultations, my client told me that her teen daughter hated her room so much that she would rather sleep on the living room sofa, than to sleep in her own bed. Obviously, this was very frustrating for them and they were eager to do anything to reverse the situation.

The major issue was the position of the bed. It was placed right in front of the door, leaving little space to be closed. When the teen would lie in her bed, her feet would face the door. This is called the ‘coffin position’ and is considered threatening.

The second problem was the head of the bed. It was leaning against the window and had metal frames. Windows can’t provide protection to the negative energy coming from outside and metal frames distort the energy, causing the person to feel insecure and uncomfortable.

It is very important to feel secure while sleeping, and beds have a huge role. No wonder, the daughter didn’t want to sleep in her own bed; subconsciously, she was feeling the negative energy.

Besides the bed, her desk placement was also not correct. It was in the middle of the room with no back support and this was affecting her ability to concentrate.

First, we changed the metal frames to a solid, fabric bedhead and moved the bed to the command position of the room, leaning its head against the wall. Then we repositioned the desk in a way that her chair would be between the desk and the wall.

These changes gave her the feeling of protection while sleeping, and ability to concentrate when studying.

By the time we were done with the clutter cleaning and space clearing, the stagnant energy had already started to soften and flow again.

Within a short time, I got a call from the Mom. She told me that her daughter had not only loved the changes we’ve made, she had also started spending time and sleeping in her room!

Feng Shui is the art of placing furniture to create a balance between the visible and the invisible worlds. When the energy flows properly in our spaces, we feel supported and healthy. Especially kids, being much more receptive than adults, will reflect the positivity in all areas of their lives.

If your kids are having issues with their room or bed, please acknowledge and address the problem. Sometimes, by only making a simple change, you can allow the energy to flow correctly in their room.

Kids that have balanced energy in their rooms will sleep better, feel supported and have more confidence in life.


A New Door

When a new door opens in our life, it’s better to enter through that door without any second thoughts. We might be ready or reluctant to pass through, however, there is a reason why that door appeared at that specific time in our lives.

As soon as, we let go of our thoughts, prejudices and fears, we allow ourselves to be guided by the Universe. By grabbing the opportunity emerging on our path with loyalty, we surrender to the Universe.

Everything that comes on our path will take us to a new level, a different dimension. Just know that ‘non-resistance’ comes with incredible rewards.

Sometimes it might seem that the door we entered led us nowhere and we might start torturing ourselves with the question ‘what if I didn’t”. If we give in to this doubt, it will weigh heavy on our souls.

Who knows maybe this door is only a passage to the next one that will open to the realization of our dreams.

When we go with the flow without any negativity, we put our souls on the guidance seat. And truly, with the guidance of the soul, life can only be beautiful.

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Eliminating Our Limits

We all have limited beliefs about ourselves.

We create these beliefs subconsciously along our path, based on our family history, personalities, environment, and experience. Once we create them, they become our truth and start shaping our lives, leaving us with unworthy feelings. Some believe that they are not worthy of love or wealth or happiness or career and so on.

Most of the time, we are our own enemies in not believing in ourselves and creating obstacles in our lives to achieve our desires.

Thinking without boundaries, and allowing the life energy flow freely in our lives help us overcome our limits.

Feng Shui is a very strong tool that helps us to eliminate our boundaries.

Those that feel blocked in life will have stuck energy in their living spaces, no matter what. They will unconsciously place furniture, plants or stuff in a way that they would block the chi (life energy).

It is very important that the chi can flow freely and harmoniously in our homes. To understand the flow of chi better, think about water. If you were to let the water enter your house from the entrance door, where would it go? Would it get stuck behind some furniture or would it flow comfortably without running into any obstacles? Would it flow too fast to leave the house out of the window opposite to your door?

Try to visualize where the water would stop and create a paddle. That’s exactly where the chi will get stuck. Modify that area by rearranging the furniture to remove the obstacle. If the water would flow too fast then put an object or a carpet between the door and the window to avoid the energy flee. The idea is to have the chi flow at a normal pace.

By creating a harmonious flow in your home, you are also allowing that same energy in your life, and by removing those obstacles, you are taking the initiative to eliminate your own limits and toxic thoughts. Finally, by preventing the energy flee, you are not letting opportunities run away from you.

If you have kids that feel stuck in life, you can go to their rooms and imagine the water flow to determine what the obstacles are. Now you know what to do… But always remember to ask for their permission to make a change in their rooms, if they are mature enough. Most of the kids will agree to work with you as they are much more open to energies than we adults are.

Think bigger and allow what life has to offer you by clearing your physical and mental limits.






One Step Further

We are living in an interesting era.

Our thoughts are manifesting much faster than before. We think about a person, and in no time, we either see that person or hear about him. We feel something will go wrong, immediately, we experience an issue in our lives. In an unexplainable way, it feels like, time has started to flow much faster than before.

Actually, this fast manifestation is very fascinating as it allows us to experience our lives without delays. That’s the good news. But there is a challenge to it. Life will manifest the positive and the negative, depending on what we send to the Universe.

If we are ‘being positive’ with our words but subconsciously transmitting negative vibes, then we will experience exactly what we don’t want. That’s one of the main reasons that we all know very positive people who are still struggling.

We need to take the positivity one step further. We need to align our energy with our words and thoughts because the Universe only responds to our vibration.

Every day is a blessed opportunity for us to make a change in our lives. Once we know that words are not enough, we can train ourselves to raise our vibrations to our desires and move to the receiving mode as the Universe is always in the giving mode. Then, all we need to do is to allow the right energy to flow into our lives.

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27 Things

Life gets stagnant sometimes and so does your energy. When you feel blocked, you can’t be happy, take a decision or make an action. This happens to everyone, without exception. Some can get out of this state of being easier, some can’t.

When you find yourself in need of a change, Feng Shui recommends to change the place of 27 objects in your space that haven’t been moved for a long time. With the power of the number 27 and repositioning of things, you will start feeling a transformation in your energy level.

If you feel like doing little work and taking small steps, just look around and find small items that you feel can be moved.

If you feel like doing more work, reposition your furniture, throw away the items that are not serving you anymore and buy new ones, change colors, relocate your plants.

And listen to music, light candles, burn incense or use homeopathic oils.

The energy will start shifting immediately. Use this opportunity to engage back to life.

You can choose to do this process in any of your living spaces. It could be your home, office, room, vacation rental, dorm or even your desk!

Just remember, when you change your energy,  you can change your life!





Coaching, Yaşam Koçluğu

Yarını Farklı Yazmak


Zamanın daraldığı, düşüncelerin daha kısa zamanda maddeleştiği bir
zaman dilimine girdik artık. Her birimiz daha bilinçli bir yaşamın
yollarını ararken, hayatımızın amacını da anlamaya çalışıyoruz.

Kendimizle bir hesaplaşma içindeyiz.

Karşımıza çıkan kitaplar, insanlar her konuşmanın sonunu gelişim-
enerji-ısık- evren-karma’ya getiriyor… Bu bir tesadüf değil.

Evrende, arınma zamanı başladı ve herşey olması gerektiği gibi.

Kozmik enerji, bizi,  içimize dönmemiz ve karmalarımızı temizlememiz için sürekli sıkıştırıyor ki, binlerce defa geldiğimiz bu dünyada bu sefer amacımıza ulaşabilelim.

Taşıdığımız yüklerimiz hafiflemek istiyor, ve  kaos olarak yaşamımıza giriyorlar. Bize korkunç gelen senaryolarımız, aslında arınabilmemiz için gerekli. Bazen sorunu çözebiliyoruz, bazense yüzleşmek istemiyoruz problemimiz ile. Ancak, kaosumuzdan kaçtığımız sürece problemi yok etmiyoruz, sadece üstünü örtüyoruz ve maalesef  aynı sorun, zamanla, büyüyerek tekrar karşımıza çıkıyor.

Kaosun içindeyken, bazen bir şekilde içimize dönüyor ve bir takım bağımlılıklarımızı değiştirir gibi oluyoruz, ama daha sonra, kaos hafiflediğinde kendimizi tekrar eski kalıplarımızda buluyoruz.

Döngülerimizi anlamak ve her döngünün altında yatan kalıplarımızla kucaklaşmak, arınmanın ilk adımı. Bu ilk adimla,  Tanrı/Evren’in enerjisinin yaşamımızda akmasına izin vermeye başlıyoruz. Ama bunun devamını getirebilmek çok onemli… Yoksa eskiye dönüp, tarihin kendini tekrarladığı gibi, kalıplarımızın bize yarattıgı kaosları tekrarlatırız yaşamımızda…

Tüm bu tekrarlara dur demek, geleceği geçmisten farklı yazmak bizim elimizde.

Anne-babamız, kardeşlerimiz,  geniş ailemiz, ailenin maddi durumu, eğitimi, doğduğumuz ülke gibi her detay özenle planlanmış. Dünyadaki konumumuz, karmamızı en iyi şekilde temizleyebilmemiz için dizayn edilmiş.  Muazzam bir tasarım.. Başarılı olmamız için herşeyimiz var.  Ancak biz etrafımızı, bize yardımcı değil, çoğu zaman düşman olarak algılıyoruz.  Ruhumuz her ne kadar muhteşem dengeyi bize fısıldasa da pek kabul etmiyoruz. Etrafımızı suçlamak, durumumuz için sorumluluk almaktan daha kolay geliyor.

Durumu daha iyi anlayabilmek için, örneklendirelim: Mesela, bu yaşamda çözmemiz gereken özelliklerimizden biri cimrilikse, bu tarafımızı zorlayacak çevrede dünyaya geliriz. Cimri anne veya baba, parasızlık, sürekli bizden borç isteyem kişiler vesaire yaşamımızı doldurabilir. Biz yaşadıklarımızdan dolayı, çevremize, ailemize kızabilir ve o ortamdan çekip gidebiliriz, ancak yaşamımızda hiçbir şey değişmez. Sadece bu özelliğimizi kabullenmeye karar verdiğimizde ve etrafımizdaki herkesi bir ayna olarak görüp, değişmeye niyet ettiğimizde, değişimin ilk adımlarını atmaya, döngümüzü kırmaya başlamış oluruz.

Bu noktada blokajımızda bir delik açılır ve, Tanri/Evren’den gelen enerji o delikten girip kalıbı içten temizlemeye başlar , böylece değişim başlar yaşamımızda.

Ancak,  bizim işimiz burda bitmez. Hic bir kalıp, bir anda, sadece farkederek, veya sorumluluk alarak, sonsuza dek yok olmuyor. O enerji titreşimimizi devam ettirebilmemiz ve kendimizle calışmaya devam etmemiz gerekiyor.

Dolayısıyla, içimize yolculuk, ömür boyu sürecek, muhteşem bir calışma.


Bazen kendimizi tekrar eski enerjimizde bulsak da, Evren’in ışığının, önceden açtığımız delikten girip, iyileştirme sürecini başlattığını hatırlayalım. Kendimizi zaman zaman, eski kalıplarımızla bulduğumuzda, onlara artık  ihtiyacımız olmadığını görelim ve yolumuza devam edelim.


Meditasyona, kendimizi dinlemeye veya duaya zaman ayıralım… Tanrı/Evren’den yardım isteyelim. Kalıplarımızı tanımamız ve onları kırmamız için içgörü ve devam edebilmemiz icin de devamlılık enerjisi isteyelim. Ve değişimi sadece beynimizde değil, kalbimizle, tüm vücudumuzun titreşimiyle isteyelim.

Yaşamımızda istek yaratalım, isteğin cevabı bize  gelecektir…






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Objects that I love

Years ago, I did a Feng Shui Consultancy to a newly married woman. She had a good, balanced life, loved her husband and had high energy. However, she had issues being at home, especially in her living room. It was the nicest and the largest area of her house, yet she was refusing to spend time there unless she had to.

Naturally, we concentrated on the causes and realized that one of the major reasons for her blockage was not the space but the objects. She had many accessories, that she didn’t like, and also had a carpet that she could barely look at. So, I asked her why she was keeping all these things, if she didn’t like them, and she told me that they were all gifts from family and she was supposed to do so.

I explained to her that, all the objects which she didn’t like, but had to keep around, was blocking her energy and the best cure was to put them away. She was reluctant at first, but eventually agreed to it. Nevertheless, she told me that there was no way, she could remove the carpet, as it was a wedding gift from her mother-in-law and if she did, she would get into trouble. I told her to trust her soul’s desires and mentioned that when we do things out of love and with good intentions, everything goes right. Before leaving, I asked her to pay attention to how much the carpet was disturbing her. After a few weeks, when I went back to her house to do the final check, I saw the carpet was gone! I immediately looked at her with questioning eyes; and she said that until to that day, her know-it-all and see-it-all in-law didn’t even realize that the carpet had disappeared!

I have seen this scenario, in almost all the spaces I have done Feng Shui consultations. When we don’t like the objects, colors or furniture in the spaces we live in, we feel disharmony and the flow of chi (life energy) gets blocked.

As we all know by now, everything around us interacts with our soul. When we love an object, our energy will rise and when we dislike an object, we will experience the opposite. Even though we think changing items’ places or removing them will cause issues with others, it will not. When the blockages are cleared and the chi starts flowing harmoniously, everything finds its right place creating peace.

It is very crucial that we hear and feel our environment and decide what serves us. Certainly, we can’t be happy in an environment that is filled with stuff that reminds us about our distressed past, arguments and failures. And certainly, we won’t like seeing objects that remind us about the people that we dislike.   It is only when we find the inner strength to remove the paining stuff from our space and our lives, the blockages in our lives will start to disappear.

Unfortunately, even though we feel this energy shift, we still keep objects around us that we despise, just like the newly married woman. We keep them, firstly, because we don’t believe that simply moving an object will make a difference. Secondly, we feel obligated to make others happy, letting go of our own needs.

So, today, please take your time to look around your space, and see how the objects, colors around you, are affecting your soul. Listen to yourself. Take the object to your hand or simply touch it, are you smiling or are you feeling off? If you don’t even want to look at the object, you know what to do, please don’t hesitate.

For those of us who are married or living with a partner, we need to find our own balance with our partners. We will both need to express ourselves in our shared spaces while learning to compromise.

Let’s not forget to value our soul’s desires to create harmony between the physical and the spiritual.

With Love,

Eda Birol