Decision Dilemma

Taking a decision is not an easy task for me.

May it be from choosing a meal in a restaurant or choosing the right yoga teacher, I often think too much. Even after making a decision, I end up thinking if that was the right decision and ‘what if’ I had chosen the alternative…

However, I realized that sometimes I decide in the blink of an eye. In just one second. No thinking, no guilt, no what-ifs…

I learned that while taking a decision, the first thought that comes to our mind is the voice of our soul.

When we can decide in ‘just a second’, we are in alignment with the Universe. We are open to hearing our soul’s messages, and surrendering to life itself.

These decisions usually seem crazy and nearly impossible but somehow the outcome manifests in our lives against all odds and we feel the easy flow of life…

However for most of us, logic kicks in this process. We start thinking about our upcoming payments, security, family, responsibilities, and all the musts we need to do…

Then that voice within starts losing its strength and we make decisions based on our logic and experience. Ultimately we are trying to control the outcome instead of dancing with life and accepting what comes our way.

In short, when it takes forever for us to decide, we are blocking ourselves with logic and we are not at surrender mode.

With logic, we choose a different path which usually puts us in the question of our decisions.

In this case, we find ourselves rethinking our decisions over and over again.

However, we can and should let go of this re-evaluation. This is very tiring…

There is a cure for this.

The cure is acceptance.

The moment we make peace with all our decisions in life, we stop going back in time.

Then we accept every choice we made with serenity.

And we understand that all these decisions made us who we are.

So going back in our decisions should be done for only one reason.

To accept all our decisions with love, no matter what.