Doing Nothing

I try to quiet my mind as I delve into nothingness. Physically, my body is not moving, my eyes, wandering at the sky, but the thoughts are crowding into my mind making it difficult for me to do nothing. I can’t overcome the thought of when I am thinking, I am still doing something…

I try to apply what I learned in meditation. Allowing the thoughts to come, observing, and then letting them move away like clouds.

I am trying to reach that nothingness. Once I am there I will savor that moment. Yes, I am purposefully saying ‘moment’ as it is basically impossible for me to stay in that state for more than a minute, maybe two.

Once in the nothingness, a feeling of unity, completion dawns on me leaving its place to oneness. One with nature, with the world, with my happiness and my sadness. That is such bliss.

But as I said, this whole feeling of eternity exists no more than a few minutes, then I am back to doing something again. Thinking, worrying, moving, drinking water, writing, planning… Now I can’t go back to nothingness, at least for now as the life kicked in and the physicality took over.

I know it is okay, as I have tomorrow and the next day to feel the nothingness and the oneness once again if I can create the time and the inner stability to do so.