Don’t Procrastinate Being Happy

We all search for happiness yet at the same time we have a tendency to postpone being happy.

It is very interesting that for some reason instead of trying to be happy with our blessings, we concentrate on what we lack in life and decide to be happy when we have everything we ask for.

Furthermore, we have adapted some thought forms like –I can only be happy when I find a job, get richer, have a relation, marry, have kids and etc– which unfortunately block us to experience happiness.

With this way of thinking and belief system, we might end up searching for happiness all through our lives, failing to find it.

But the good news is happiness is here at this moment! It’s just that we are looking for it at the wrong place…

If we are looking for happiness outside of ourselves, we will never find it because there is nothing to find out there.

Everything is within. Happiness is in ourselves. It is a deep feeling that comes from the depth of our souls.

Every second we are given an option to choose to be happy or not. In those seconds, if we go back to our thought-forms, we block our inner happiness, however, when we let go of all the thoughts and worries, happiness will manifest itself.

We are all looking for a problem-free life. I agree that would be amazing, however, as long as we are living we will always have challenging issues. That is the natural flow of life.

We can not wait these challenges to go away to be happy. We need to choose to be happy now, not tomorrow…

Also happiness should never be conditioned to any circumstances.

We need to concentrate on seeing the bigger picture in life all the time.

We might be living a major financial problem, but we should still be grateful and happy that we are healthy and have the strength to deal with it. We should also be able to feel happy watching a sunrise, flower bloom…

All the challenges in life are illusions. Our problems will get as big as we see them or get as small as we perceive them.

Life is here at this moment. Happiness is also here in this moment to grab for us.

Let’s not forget that happiness is inside of us. We will just need to step away from our ego to let the happiness come out.

Actually, when we are happy, we are allowing our soul to be manifest.