Feng Shui Eye

Life is beautiful…

However sometimes we tend to forget the beauty of being alive. We become automatic people, doing the same things over and over again, taking granted everything around us. Most of us get so caught up in our thoughts and in our daily stuff that we do not realize a blossoming flower, singing bird, laughter of a kid, magical sunrises and sunsets.

When we divert from ourselves, we experience a lack of connection from life and our days start to be exactly the same as the previous ones. While trying to make a stand in life, we forget about our homes too, not appreciating our own sanctuary. Furthermore, we keep many of our belongings even though we don’t need them. We pile up our notes, letters just to take care of them later on… We keep them around not because we are lazy, because it symbolizes our subconscious, and it is usually too painful to confront ourselves…

Eventually, we find ourselves in the same circle over and over again…. As we are all energy, we manifest everything to our surroundings from our thoughts to actions…

Looking at our homes with a Feng Shui eye, can tell us a lot about ourselves… Even the things we don’t realize about ourselves are somehow reflected in our home.

I recommend that one day, you should all visit your homes as a guest. Make sure to turn on your Feng Shui eyes and raise your consciousness. Please take a pen and a paper with you (yes paper and pen – not tablet or a phone) and revisit your home. Allow yourself to see where the energy gets stuck, the clutter, the colors you have, furniture you use. Write down everything that you feel like changing.

Once you have your list, take a breath and congratulate yourself! You have taken the first step to a more conscious living.

Now it is time to go through your list and separate it into two parts: “Things to do now” and “Things to do in 6-12 months”

Start from easy things. Make yourself happy. For example, remove the invoices on your countertops and put them in a folder to until payment time or take out that pillow which has been bothering you for so long, or give away that gift on the bookcase which you hated from the first moment but had to put it because it is coming from someone important.

Now it is time to go within, turn on the Feng Shui eyes and do some changes first in your surroundings and then within.

Love& Light

Eda Birol