Free Of Clutter

We all want to flow with life and live in harmony.

Harmony comes when we open our hearts and be receptive to everything around us. Only then energy coming from the Universe is able to flow smoothly through our body healing us…

When we are aligned with life, we feel happiness.

It is the same for our homes, too. As the life energy flows smoothly in our homes, we feel lighter and become more attuned to our lives. This is possible because as we reflect our energies on our homes, our belongings also have an effect on us.

The best way to reach harmony in our homes is to be free of clutter.

Clutter is, defined to be, an untidy mass of collected things. A few examples to clutter would be a pile of letters kept for years that have no purpose anymore, disorganized notes, invoices; clothes were thrown around or squeezed into the closets; books, pictures, newspapers; old clothes that are not worn for a few years; unfinished projects. Basically, anything that is not wanted, not attended to, thrown aside, unfinished, accumulated for a while will create clutter.

The issue with clutter is that it blocks the movement of energy. In the area where there is clutter, the energy will become stagnant. This situation will reflect in our subconscious, creating demotivation, procrastination, low energy, depression, sadness, less appetite for life.

However, we are free people and we don’t need the heaviness of the clutter in our lives. We just need to confront our clutter and decide to get rid of it. The results will be beyond our imaginations…

Acknowledging our clutter and seeing where we are accumulating stuff more, will give us an idea about which areas of our lives might be blocked.

Let’s discover together the effects of clutter in different areas of our homes.

  • Clutter in the entrance weakens the life energy and prevents new opportunities and livelihood to enter a person’s life
  • Clutter in the kitchen creates a blockage in the unity and health of the family
  • Clutter in bedrooms and especially next to bed prevents the person from having a nourishing sleep and lack of intimacy with the partner
  • Clutter in the attic represents blocked future plans and aspirations. This is the self-sabotage area for new projects
  • Clutter under the bed will pull the person’s energy down
  • Clutter in the garage means not reaching one’s potential.
  • Clutter in the basement reveals the person that one is living in the past
  • Clutter in hallways prevents the life energy to reach all parts of the house creating a gap in the relations of the people living in the same house
  • Clutter in living and family rooms changes the lifestyle of person, tendency to become unsocial and isolated from the community
  • Clutter in bathrooms disables a person to relax and meditate
  • Clutter all around creates anger and frustration

Everything in life talks to us, we just need to be willing to get the messages. When we get the messages, we will feel a push from within to get on track again. This push is telling us that ‘it is okay to let go, you are ready’…

So now, it’s time to get rid of our clutter:

  • Let’s look around our house and see in which areas we have clutter
  • Let’s go through our belongings one by one and ask ourselves these questions:
  • Do I love it?           * Does it uplift me?                  * Is useful?
  • If we answer yes to these questions we should continue to keep that item, if not, it is time to let go of that object
  • If there is too much furniture blocking the passage, we should move them around slightly to open space for the flow of energy
  • If there are clothes that we are not wearing for over 2 years or we are keeping ‘just in case’ so when we lose our weight we will wear them, these should definitely be given away
  • Anything that is broken, and not reparable needs to go.
  • All the old notes, letters that pull our energy down should go
  • If our drawers and closets are very messy, it is time to take responsibility and start organizing them
  • WE should give much importance keep our entrances welcoming and free of clutter

Clearing clutter is more important than we think since it symbolizes our subconscious, we will also need to confront our deeper baggage while clearing. With this in mind, there is one very important recommendation: Don’t overwhelm yourself. Either start slow or fast but start. Choose an easy area first. The more you clear, the more freedom you will feel within.

Having said all this, please be aware that being free of clutter doesn’t mean being extremely clean and tidy at all times. It means not accumulating stuff that will affect our subconscious.

So let’s go on and enjoy our lives as free people who are free of clutter.