From Clutter to Inner Freedom

‘I come home. Everything is scattered. Shoes are at the entrance, invoices and letters are on the countertop, keys are thrown to the table, blankets are on the sofa, school bags are hung to the chairs, laundry is full. It’s been a while that the house is attended. I enter the house from work with the intention to tidy up and clear the clutter around. I fail to do so. Looking around pulls my energy down. I choose to look away, I don’t feel like clearing clutter today… Maybe tomorrow…

Lately, I have started saying ‘tomorrow’ to everything. I have been postponing my life for so long… I wake up every day saying today is the day I will get hold of my life. Then I see my house full of stuff, I immediately get suffocated and decide to start everything tomorrow.

I am in a vicious cycle; when will I find the energy to really take responsibility of my life? I also need to start a diet, gym, search for a new job, go shopping, and change the broken bulbs…

Yes, I am alive but there is an unbearable heaviness on me. I need to break it. But how? Maybe I should ask for help from my neighbor…

I love her house. She is so clean, so tidy. How does she do it? She has no piles of stuff around, no clutter. It’s really amazing. She is very organized, has a nice job, good social life. On the other hand, she is looking for a relationship ever since I know her.

Once she had told me that she is keeping all the notes, emails, and pictures of her relation of ten years ago. She is even keeping the notes that she had torn into pieces.

She really must be stuck in the past.

Just like me, she can’t move on either.’

We are all prisoners of our past and emotions until we decide to let go and break free.

This energy of ‘letting go’ doesn’t always come easy. Usually, life brings us to a point where we ‘can’t anymore’…

That is the point where life shakes us and yells at us saying ‘c’mon, time to wake up!’

The easiest step to wake up and start the change is by clearing our clutter. Clutter, because it is the manifestation of our blockages on the physical level.

As we are all unique, we will all create clutter in our environment different than one another. Some of us will accumulate stuff in the bedrooms, some in the kitchen, some in the closets, some at work and some all around.

Everything around us has a message for us. If we can learn to understand the messages, we will see that we create our clutter exactly at the area that we are having problems with.

Clearing clutter seems something to do only on the physical level. However, it is not. When decluttering, we are opening space on the physical level but at the same time, we are healed within, allowing more space for new opportunities.

It is absolutely difficult to let go of an old relation mentally but it’s easier to get rid of the things that belonged to this relationship which will help us through the letting go process.

We actually don’t welcome change easily because we feel safe with our patterns and sorrows.

But life is about change, experiencing the breath deep within, and learning to move on.

Clearing clutter is not the solution to all our problems, however, it is the magical step that enables us to take control of our lives.

Once we confront and deal with our clutter, we need to continue the inner work. The more attuned we become to our purpose in life, less we will feel the need to accumulate clutter.

However one day we might find ourselves again stuck in life, and realize that we created a lot of clutter again. We should all know that it is totally okay!

This is life.

We will fall down and create clutter; then rise up and be free of clutter again.