Getting Out Of My Box

I remember grabbing the microphone hesitantly during a lecture to ask a question in front of fifty young adults. That was a terrifying moment, I remember shaking, sweating, becoming red and wanting to disappear from shame, thinking that all those ears could only hear my heartbeat, not my question. I paused and breathed. I was determined to do this, to talk in front of the audience, something I was shy to do even in school, not only before the big crowd but also among my classmates.

As far as I remember, that was my first big push in life, getting out of my box, a phrase which I wasn’t familiar with, back then when I was 22. I had no idea that this would lead to another path for me in the future, talking comfortably in front of hundreds of people for work.

In the following years, when I was curious and bold enough, I pushed my walls away to set to new horizons but when my fears kicked in, I chose to stay in my box. The fears of failure and the idea of being disapproved by others led to self-sabotage my dreams.

Lately, I have decided to push my walls again to pursue my dreams. I am in the process of making peace with my fears and diverting that strong negative voice in my head to concentrate on the whisper of my soul. This will be another exciting journey for me and I am very curious to see and experience what Universe will unfold for me.