God is Whispering

Our souls talk to us all the time.

We usually don’t hear that talk. Sometimes we hear a whisper, but is so so soft that we barely pay any attention to it.

We’ve all experienced and got stressed over losing our wallet or keys before leaving the house. If we were in a hurry, we felt that unpleasant anger flowing down on our spines. Maybe it wasn’t the keys, it was the license that got lost . Or we were laid off once and felt extremely unworthy or gone bankrupt and got depressed, or gone through a painful divorce and lost our joy.

How can a sane person make sense of all the dramas of life? How can we not fall into depression and blame life or ourselves for all that’s happening?

Of course, logically there is no good in losing a key or a license and being late, getting laid off and having income issues or getting divorced. None.

However the truth is we are complicated beings above logic. Our existence is beyond logic and we can’t continue seeking logic in everything we go through.

We come to this world with a plan. Some call it karma, some call it tikkun – correction-. We learn as we live and make corrections along the way. Every thing that is happening to us actually is a part of our plan whether we like it or not. It might sound very radical but everything happening to us is perfect for our soul and needed for our growth.

Everything around us from humans to matter, have a spark of God within. We are all connected somehow. And through that connection we are in communication. We are just not trained to hear it.

Universe talks to us through our every single experience.

We can’t find our wallet at that moment because maybe we left the oven on and need to turn it off or maybe Universe is saving us from an accident. We lost our license because it can be that we were driving very carelessly lately and need to realize and come to our senses. Perhaps we got laid off because work was so stressful for us that it wasn’t helping our soul grow or the divorce may mean that we have completed our karma with that person.

There are many scenarios that we can think of however the reasons are not always crystal clear. Furthermore we are so stuck in our logic that we don’t even try to understand the big picture. We just get angry and desperate. But the truth is, there is always another way to make life better. It might take a while to find our path but we will eventually. Everything happens for a reason and when we realize and accept it, we see the blessings in each experience that we thought was terrible.

Every second of our lives is full of opportunities to be a better person and to allow our souls to grow.

We have been taught to be a victim. But we need to realize and teach the new generation that being a victim doesn’t help anything in life.

It’s time to pay attention to all the messages coming our way. We need to understand that we are not controlling everything in life all the time. There is a greater force in the Universe and its messages are continuous.

Once we tune ourselves, we will start hearing the messages.

Just stop, breathe in, breath out, pause your thoughts and listen… Can you hear? God is whispering to us.