Going Against Logic

Have you ever followed the deep voice within that told you to do the impossible when your logic yelled at you that ‘you absolutely shouldn’t’?

Have you taken the most illogical decision in life to find out that was the best thing you have ever done for yourself?

I am sure you have. We all have.

In these moments we simply follow our soul’s messages. At first the message seems crazy, nearly impossible, and ridiculous. We know that going after this voice will take us out of our comfort zone and will be a challenge. Yet we are still attracted to the impossible. Moreover, when we choose to go after our soul’s lead, we end up living miracles and experience synchronism with the Universe.

Life would be much easier if we did not have our logic so strong in us. Our logic as much as we need it, should not be the only driving force when it comes to making a decision. It will always remind us about our capabilities, possibilities confined to our beliefs, surroundings, and ethics.

While our soul will want to guide us for the new horizons, our logic will want to lead us through the laws of physicality, keeping us in our comfort zone.

‘Imagine you are out of work. You have a small amount of money left. You are looking for a job, going to interviews and nothing is happening. All of a sudden, this voice within tells you, ‘Go to Africa! ‘

That voice is our soul’s voice.

‘It seems really crazy and impossible. You have bills to pay, rent to pay. There is no way that you are able to go now. Good idea but you’ll postpone and go when you get a job.’

This is our logic talking.

What happens is that most of the time we choose the logical move. We need security and safety. However, if we were to follow our soul’s voice, which seems out of pace and time, we would realize that this trip will only take us to our soul’s purpose one step closer. Our soul is telling us to go to Africa because of a divine purpose which we are not aware of at that moment. It is there maybe we will find our soul mate or will be offered a job by the person who will sit next to us on the plane. We don’t know. We just know that whatever will happen, it will happen for our ultimate good.

We are living in a world where we think we are in control of everything. We think we can beat a life with our logic and the little understanding of the life we have.

The truth is that we aren’t in control of anything. Life is bigger than us. The best way to flow with life is to let our soul manifest in this world.

When we are able to let go and listen to our soul’s messages, life will keep us on our true path allowing us to clear out our karma.

Making a decision becomes very important in this process. We need to be able to differentiate our soul’s message from our logic. Our soul’s message is the first thought that comes to our mind. However, sometimes we might miss or we might be too confused to get that message. In that case, we can look for the nearly impossible thought that comes to our mind.

I am sure that we will not always follow our soul’s voice and will prefer our comfort zone. And this is also perfectly fine. Life will always give us opportunities to clear out our karma and be in alignment with the Universe.

We are blessed that whatever we choose in life we always have another way to reach our potential. When we follow our soul’s messages, we might just make the road a little shorter…