In the movie “Pay it Forward’ a high school teacher starts an action to better the world. He initiates a project, where every student who receives a favor is responsible to do three favors to others instead of paying back, and thus he calls his project ‘Paying Forward’. I can’t remember the details of the movie but what stayed with me is the idea of whatever you pay forward, life brings it back to you, be it kindness or unkindness.

I believe in giving, being kind and not expecting anything in return. If my kindness is not returned by the recipient, I know that it will appear in my life, in a totally different form. This is said beautifully in my native language, ‘Do a good deed and throw it into the sea”

Truthfully, some of my close ones think I put on pink glasses in life and let others walk over me, so they have been trying to make me stronger. I am not sure if they will ever succeed in that because what they perceive as a weakness in me, I identify as faith.

I can not count how many times I received kindness and paid back or forward in life like so many of you. There were some life-changing ones that I am forever grateful for and many small ones, even random smiles that ignited a spark in my soul at that moment and got forgotten over the years.

I believe, it is the kindness that will save the world and transform the darkness into light. And it is so valuable that it should never come to a stop with us, we are all responsible to pay it forward for a better world.