We are living in a very fast paced era and almost all of us are constantly rushing to catch up with our daily to do lists while competing with time. We barely have time for ourselves to take a moment in life and listen to our soul.

In this constant rush, our thoughts are wandering almost at the speed of light, our bodies are over tired and our emotions are usually suppressed. We have become human doings instead of human beings. Even when we realize we have some free time, we immediately fill it with talking, driving, reading, watching, cooking, running, surfing on the internet, cooking; in short we fill each of our moments by ‘doing’ something.

We are usually living either in the past or the future and have forgotten to be at the present moment.

I would like to invite you to think, how many times you drove back home and weren’t aware of how you came home? Or how many times you went back to check the stove if it was turned off? Or maybe you looked for your glasses when you were wearing them? If you experienced something similar to these, don’t worry, you are not alone.

We are living our lives in an automatic pilot mode, letting life take us to our destination, without taking our seat in life.

Please take a moment and try to remember how you had felt when you realized you were in the auto pilot mode? Frustrated? Judgmental of yourself? By all means, this disconnectedness, affects our quality of life and our connection with our inner selves.

In the mindfulness practice, there are tools we can learn to apply to our lives and through practice, we cultivate acceptance, loving kindness, non-judgement, generosity, beginner’s mind, non-striving. Gradually we learn to bring ourselves kindly to the present moment and being aware of everything around us.

Wouldn’t you want to slow down in life, spare time only for yourself and even notice the trees, birds around next time you are driving home?

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