We live in a very fast-paced era, and almost all of us constantly rush to catch up with our daily to-do lists while competing with time. We barely have time to take a moment and listen to our soul.

In this constant rush, our thoughts wander almost at the speed of light, our bodies get over-tired, and we usually suppress our emotions. We are constantly doing something. Even when we realize we have some free time, we fill it with social media, driving, reading, watching, cooking, running, texting, and cooking; in short, we fulfill each of our moments by ‘doing’ something.

We usually live either in the past or the future and bypass the present moment.

Close your eyes and think, how often did you drive back home and not know how you came home? Or how many times you went back to check the stove? Or you looked for your glasses when you were wearing them. When our minds are full of thoughts, our bodies take over to do what's necessary. These times, we are in our thoughts, not in the present.

We are living in autopilot mode, letting life take us to our destination without taking our seats in life.

Please take a moment to remember how you felt when you noticed you were in auto-pilot mode. Were you frustrated or critically judgmental of yourself? By all means, this disconnectedness affects our quality of life and our connection with our inner selves.

In mindfulness practice, there are tools we can learn to apply to our lives.  Through training, we cultivate acceptance, loving-kindness, non-judgment, generosity, a beginner’s mind, and non-striving. Gradually we learn to bring ourselves kindly to the present moment and become aware of everything around us. I invite you to slow down in life, align your body, mind & soul in the present moment, and notice life’s offerings.