New Year Resolutions

As we enter the new year, review all our resolutions, and engage in our lists, it’s essential to start our lists with gratitude.

The lists we create for the new year include our dreams, desires, anything, and everything we’ve been trying to accomplish for a while. These lists are great because they keep us on track, but they mainly concentrate on what we don’t have in our lives right now.

Starting the list with things you are grateful for will show you how much you have in your life right now. And gratitude allows us to transform and move on to the next phase in life. Remember, what we concentrate on is what we receive from the Universe.

Being grateful for everything we have and being thankful to ourselves expand our hearts and fill us with love.

I encourage everyone to be creative this year, search for what makes your soul happy, and align your inner voice with your thoughts by removing the shoulds from your life.

Life happens no matter what we do or what we reflect to the Universe. Sometimes we get positive answers to our requests, and sometimes we do not. The key here is to be awake to life, be joyful with what we have, and make plans to attract what we want without clinging to the outcome.

Let’s integrate gratitude into our daily lives and work together to become a light to others and the World.

Happy New Year