Pretty Daisy

At work, I went out during the break and started walking in the premises. There are small pieces of grass scattered in the area with barely any flowers. Then I saw one small daisy in this unmaintained area. I stopped and greeted her. She looked lonely but happy. I started talking to her, and then thanked her for her existence that radiated beauty. While walking away, I had the urge to take her with me but instead, I chose to record her in my mind. Right now I can see the daisy’s loose, thin, cloud-like white petals, her fragile slanted stem, and her flickering two leaves.

Now as I am writing, I am thinking how we all have similar existing moments like this pretty daisy, where we feel fragile, lonely, and sometimes even flicker at life’s unexpected circumstances, finding ourselves in a foreign place with some insights of familiarity. No matter what, we all continue to exist, radiate our light, and standstill.

With that deep thought from my heart, I want to wish you all a great week with Mary Oliver’s poem:

How Perfectly

How perfectly
and neatly
opens the pink rose

this bright morning,
the sun warm
on my shoulders,

Its heat
on the opening petals.

it is the smallest,
the least important event
at this moment

in the whole world.
Yet I stand there,
utterly happy.