Secret Of Promise

We all want to be connected with the Light. That is our main purpose. Our souls yearn to be a part of that amazing indescribable Energy.

We are all walking on our very own path in life, sometimes feeling aligned with the Light; sometimes not.

When we are not aligned, we start experiencing chaos in our lives. Things start falling apart and we feel out of balance.

It is exactly in these moments that we become desperate and turn inwards. We realize that we have no choice but to go within. There, deep down, we connect with our essence, our souls.

During this introspection, as much as we see our beauty, we also confront our darker sides that we really don’t fancy much. Thus we search ways to change for the better.

Change, as we all know, needs effort, patience and perseverance. There is no short cut to change.

When we spot the trait we don’t want to possess anymore, we promise ourselves to change. Strangely, things start going easily at first. It seems that even with one word, we are able to shift the energy. That seems amazing and we enjoy the change.

What happens actually is that with our word, a motion starts in the Universe, at the same time we start to expand and therefore receive the Energy pouring unto us. We can think of this as an advance payment from the Universe.

To master our change, we will be confronted with situations. Life will test us on our new path. The result is up to us. We either choose to deal with our chaos and continue to grow on our new path or give up and fall back to our old pattern.

We have all experienced this in life. We just did not realize how the Universe helped us.

To elaborate more, I would like to share a story, which my teacher had shared with me once.

I will name the man in the story as Simon to hide his identity.

Simon was a wealthy, handsome man who has been married for a while. Things seemed to be going well for him. One day he called his friend (my teacher) and told him about how life had changed and that he was having financial crisis. Whatever he was doing, he couldn’t get anything right and he wished to understand what he was going through.

After some sessions together, Simon confessed that he had always cheated on his wife and had been with many women.

Eventually, he realized his pattern, decided to change and promised himself to do so.

After a while my teacher got a phone call. The new Simon was very happy, loyal to his wife and weirdly enough, new opportunities had come his way and he had started to do better financially as well.

Time passed by and Simon disappeared. There was no news from him.

Suddenly he came back to the scene, even worse than before. He explained that this time he had lost it all, even his wife.

The bottom of the story was that, when life became better, he started seeing other women again.

Life had tested him. He chose not to keep his promise. Consequently, the advance payment given to him was taken back.

Finally, he found himself in his old pattern.

In reality, Simon is you and me. We are mostly like him. We start a process, promise, watch things get better and when things straighten out, we fall back to our old habits.

However we can really change for good.

Everyday we are given new opportunities to choose and create our future.

This is an amazing blessing.

We just need to hold on to our promises and remember the secret of promises to give us strength to continue.