Pretty Daisy

At work, I went out during the break and started walking in the premises. There are small pieces of grass scattered in the area with barely any flowers. Then I saw one small daisy in this unmaintained area. I stopped and greeted her. She looked lonely but happy. I started talking to her, and then thanked her for her existence that radiated beauty. While walking away, I had the urge to take her with me but instead, I chose to record her in my mind. Right now I can see the daisy’s loose, thin, cloud like white petals, her fragile slanted stem and her flickering two leaves.

Now as I am writing, I am thinking how we all have similar existing moments like this pretty daisy’s, where we feel fragile, lonely and sometimes even flicker at life’s unexpected circumstances, finding ourselves in a foreign place with some insights of familiarity. No matter what, we all continue to exist, radiate our light and stand still.

With that deep thoughts from my heart, I want to wish you all a great week with Mary Oliver’s poem:

How Perfectly

How perfectly
and neatly
opens the pink rose

this bright morning,
the sun warm
on my shoulders,

Its heat
on the opening petals.

it is the smallest,
the least important event
at this moment

in the whole world.
Yet I stand there,
utterly happy.

Doing nothing

I try to quite my mind as I delve into nothingness. Physically, my body is not moving, my eyes, wandering at the sky, but the thoughts are crowding into my mind making it difficult for me to do nothing. I can’t overcome the thought of when I am thinking, I am still doing something…

I try to apply what I learned in meditation. Allowing the thoughts to come, observing and then letting them move away like clouds.

I am trying to reach that nothingness. Once I am there I will savor that moment. Yes, I am purposefully saying ‘moment’ as it is basically impossible for me to stay in that state more than a minute, maybe two.

Once in the nothingness, a feeling of unity, completion dawns on me leaving its place to oneness. One with the nature, with the world, with my happiness and my sadness. That is such a bliss.

But as I said, this whole feeling of eternity exists no more than a few minutes, then I am back to doing something again. Thinking, worrying, moving, drinking water, writing, planning… Now I can’t go back to nothingness, at least for now as the life kicked in and the physicality took over.

I know it is okay, as I have tomorrow and the next day to feel the nothingness and the oneness once again, if I can create the time and the inner stability to do so.

Getting Out Of My Box

I remember grabbing the microphone hesitantly during a lecture to ask a question in front of fifty young adults. That was a terrifying moment, I remember shaking, sweating, becoming red and wanting to disappear from shame, thinking that all those ears could only hear my heartbeat, not my question. I paused and breathed. I was determined to do this, to talk in front of the audience, something I was shy to do even in school, not only before the big crowd but also among my classmates.

As far as I remember, that was my first big push in life, getting out of my box, a phrase which I wasn’t familiar with, back then when I was 22. I had no idea that this would lead to another path for me in the future, talking comfortably in front of hundreds of people for work.

In the following years, when I was curious and bold enough, I pushed my walls away to set to new horizons but when my fears kicked in, I chose to stay in my box. The fears of failure and the idea of being disapproved by others led to self-sabotage my dreams.

Lately, I have decided to push my walls again to pursue my dreams. I am in the process of making peace with my fears and diverting that strong negative voice in my head to concentrate on the whisper of my soul. This will be another exciting journey for me and I am very curious to see and experience what Universe will unfold for me.


Feng Shui Your ​Kid’s Room

Kids sense the energy around them. A good Feng Shui in their room will nourish them, whereas a bad one will make them uncomfortable and resistant to life.

During one of my consultations, my client told me that her teen daughter hated her room so much that she would rather sleep on the living room sofa, than to sleep in her own bed. Obviously, this was very frustrating for them and they were eager to do anything to reverse the situation.

The major issue was the position of the bed. It was placed right in front of the door, leaving little space to be closed. When the teen would lie in her bed, her feet would face the door. This is called the ‘coffin position’ and is considered threatening.

The second problem was the head of the bed. It was leaning against the window and had metal frames. Windows can’t provide protection to the negative energy coming from outside and metal frames distort the energy, causing the person to feel insecure and uncomfortable.

It is very important to feel secure while sleeping, and beds have a huge role. No wonder, the daughter didn’t want to sleep in her own bed; subconsciously, she was feeling the negative energy.

Besides the bed, her desk placement was also not correct. It was in the middle of the room with no back support and this was affecting her ability to concentrate.

First, we changed the metal frames to a solid, fabric bedhead and moved the bed to the command position of the room, leaning its head against the wall. Then we repositioned the desk in a way that her chair would be between the desk and the wall.

These changes gave her the feeling of protection while sleeping, and ability to concentrate when studying.

By the time we were done with the clutter cleaning and space clearing, the stagnant energy had already started to soften and flow again.

Within a short time, I got a call from the Mom. She told me that her daughter had not only loved the changes we’ve made, she had also started spending time and sleeping in her room!

Feng Shui is the art of placing furniture to create a balance between the visible and the invisible worlds. When the energy flows properly in our spaces, we feel supported and healthy. Especially kids, being much more receptive than adults, will reflect the positivity in all areas of their lives.

If your kids are having issues with their room or bed, please acknowledge and address the problem. Sometimes, by only making a simple change, you can allow the energy to flow correctly in their room.

Kids that have balanced energy in their rooms will sleep better, feel supported and have more confidence in life.

A New Door

When a new door opens in our life, it’s better to enter through that door without any second thoughts. We might be ready or reluctant to pass through, however, there is a reason why that door appeared at that specific time in our lives.

As soon as, we let go of our thoughts, prejudices and fears, we allow ourselves to be guided by the Universe. By grabbing the opportunity emerging on our path with loyalty, we surrender to the Universe.

Everything that comes on our path will take us to a new level, a different dimension. Just know that ‘non-resistance’ comes with incredible rewards.

Sometimes it might seem that the door we entered led us nowhere and we might start torturing ourselves with the question ‘what if I didn’t”. If we give in to this doubt, it will weigh heavy on our souls.

Who knows maybe this door is only a passage to the next one that will open to the realization of our dreams.

When we go with the flow without any negativity, we put our souls on the guidance seat. And truly, with the guidance of the soul, life can only be beautiful.

Eliminating Our Limits

We all have limited beliefs about ourselves.

We create these beliefs subconsciously along our path, based on our family history, personalities, environment, and experience. Once we create them, they become our truth and start shaping our lives, leaving us with unworthy feelings. Some believe that they are not worthy of love or wealth or happiness or career and so on.

Most of the time, we are our own enemies in not believing in ourselves and creating obstacles in our lives to achieve our desires.

Thinking without boundaries, and allowing the life energy flow freely in our lives help us overcome our limits.

Feng Shui is a very strong tool that helps us to eliminate our boundaries.

Those that feel blocked in life will have stuck energy in their living spaces, no matter what. They will unconsciously place furniture, plants or stuff in a way that they would block the chi (life energy).

It is very important that the chi can flow freely and harmoniously in our homes. To understand the flow of chi better, think about water. If you were to let the water enter your house from the entrance door, where would it go? Would it get stuck behind some furniture or would it flow comfortably without running into any obstacles? Would it flow too fast to leave the house out of the window opposite to your door?

Try to visualize where the water would stop and create a paddle. That’s exactly where the chi will get stuck. Modify that area by rearranging the furniture to remove the obstacle. If the water would flow too fast then put an object or a carpet between the door and the window to avoid the energy flee. The idea is to have the chi flow at a normal pace.

By creating a harmonious flow in your home, you are also allowing that same energy in your life, and by removing those obstacles, you are taking the initiative to eliminate your own limits and toxic thoughts. Finally, by preventing the energy flee, you are not letting opportunities run away from you.

If you have kids that feel stuck in life, you can go to their rooms and imagine the water flow to determine what the obstacles are. Now you know what to do… But always remember to ask for their permission to make a change in their rooms, if they are mature enough. Most of the kids will agree to work with you as they are much more open to energies than we adults are.

Think bigger and allow what life has to offer you by clearing your physical and mental limits.





One Step Further

We are living in an interesting era.

Our thoughts are manifesting much faster than before. We think about a person, and in no time, we either see that person or hear about him. We feel something will go wrong, immediately, we experience an issue in our lives. In an unexplainable way, it feels like, time has started to flow much faster than before.

Actually, this fast manifestation is very fascinating as it allows us to experience our lives without delays. That’s the good news. But there is a challenge to it. Life will manifest the positive and the negative, depending on what we send to the Universe.

If we are ‘being positive’ with our words but subconsciously transmitting negative vibes, then we will experience exactly what we don’t want. That’s one of the main reasons that we all know very positive people who are still struggling.

We need to take the positivity one step further. We need to align our energy with our words and thoughts because the Universe only responds to our vibration.

Every day is a blessed opportunity for us to make a change in our lives. Once we know that words are not enough, we can train ourselves to raise our vibrations to our desires and move to the receiving mode as the Universe is always in the giving mode. Then, all we need to do is to allow the right energy to flow into our lives.